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Smooth moves, Soft touch, Soothing sound
Smooth moves, Soft touch, Soothing sound

sön 07 apr.



Smooth moves, Soft touch, Soothing sound

Join Ada and Melanie for 2 hour full body experience. Including, mobility and yin movements, sound healing and massage.

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Time & Location

07 apr. 2024 17:00 – 19:00

Majorna, Kommendörsgatan 6, 414 59 Göteborg, Sweden

About the event

What is mobility?

Mobility training attains to your joints and their full range of motion. In this practice we move a little slower and pay closer attention to how our body is able to move within the spaces available to us. Mobility training can help increase your range of motion, flexibility, balance, and strengthen your body over all. Melanie will guide you through a series of mobility movements to cultivate greater awarness of your body, lubricate your joints and prepare yourself for our Yin and soundbath practices.

What is a sound bath?

A sound bath is a session where you get to lie down on a yoga mat, with blankets and bolsters, and relax to the sound of crystal singing bowls.

Ada is trained in performing sound baths and will guide you through this session. When she starts playing the crystal bowls vibrations takes off, which creates the sound you experience. These sound waves enter you body and help you to get into a deeper state of relaxation. This state can also activate our parasympathetic nervous system that allows the body to heal itself in whatever way you may need.

Some benefits

The vibrations and sound waves enter your body and move through the different parts such as your skin, fascia, muscles, organs, bones and even your cells, thanks to that your whole body gets a ”sound massage”. This means that it could help to loose tensions and blockages in your body that may have occurred due to stress or stored emotions.

There’s a lot of research done about sound therapy and its healing effects on the body. Something we find interesting is that our brains are normally in a Beta-state (beta-brainwaves) - awake, thinking, solving problems. A yoga-class can help our brains to enter Alpha-state - our attention goes inward and we feel more relaxed and at ease. With the help of a sound bath, our brains may enter a slower Theta-state, which is considered healing brainwaves - a deeply relaxed state that helps our bodies to allow and open up for self healing.

How does it feel?

While some people can feel sensations in the body, others may just enter a very relaxed state or even fall asleep! Usually it gives you a bit of a floaty, dreamlike, feeling. But the experience is very individual and can vary from time to time. Most people have a calm feeling afterward, but it’s also common to feel a bit cold after a session, this is normal and a sign that your body is letting go of tension and allowing for self healing. Take it easy after a sound bath and drink lots of water or tea.

You are welcome to ask questions before or after the session, or just share your experience with us. We’d love to hear how it was for you!


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